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How to Perfectly Install a New Dishwasher?
How to Perfectly Install a New Dishwasher?

Dishwashers have been around for decades making life at home easier and speeding up the process of dealing with dirty dishes and big dinners. That’s why dishwashers are one of the preferred appliances of most homeowners, and why you should take all the care in installing yours correctly. 

If you decide to go at this yourself because remember you can always trust a professional crew to handle your new dishwasher installation with just one call, then you need to be fully prepared to get the job done right! 

Here are some tools you’ll need to install a dishwasher: 

  • Multiple screwdrivers 
  • A wrench that can be adjusted 
  • A level
  • Some pliers
  • A voltage tester

Plus, a few extra that can come in handy:

  • Wiring materials that match what you have 
  • Tape 

Measure everything to start installing or replacing the dishwasher

While most dishwashers are 24 inches wide you still need to measure to be sure the space that you have is right for the appliance you are installing. So take out the measuring tape and write things down. 

If you are changing sizes in appliances you might need to alter your cabinets and kitchen layout, this will require additional work, so keep this in mind when choosing a new dishwasher. 

Sometimes the extra layers of flooring can raise the floor heigh directly in front of the old dishwasher which can cause difficulties in removing it, for this, we recommend losing the counter or even removing the flooring. If this seems like a step above what you wanted to go, consult a professional installation team

If you don’t find any of these issues, then get something to cover and protect your floor while you remove the old dishwasher and get started! 

You’ll also need the other tools mentioned before, plus a bucket and rags to collect any discarded water from the drain lines after you disconnect them. 

Fully turn off your old dishwasher and unplug it, cut off the water to the appliance by shutting the nearest valve. 

Completely disconnect the old dishwasher 

 You will need to remove the front panel from the old appliance, then disconnect the wires and pull the cable box out. Both water and electrical connections are underneath the dishwasher behind the first panel that you will unscrew. 

Always check with your voltage detector in order to make sure the power is completely cut off and it’s safe to work on. Now the water supply usually comes from a copper or stainless steel line, you will need to remove a nut that secures it at a 90-degree angle and you can keep the parts if they look to be in good condition. Make sure to remove with care, slowly and in the same direction the new dishwasher will need ti to be so you don’t damage the waterline. Clean any water residue and you are good to go. Now. you can remove the old dishwasher. 

Get your new dishwasher ready and installed 

Unbox your new appliance according to instructions and get started. Inside you will find additional manuals and more instructions, read those before carrying on. Remember to use the new drain hose that comes with the new dishwasher. 

Lean the dishwasher on its back and connect the 90-degree fitting. To prevent any clog issues look the flexible drain line up to the countertop. You might need to check your own plumbing codes since some require a special air gap fitting in the drain line.  

Connect and go! 

Now all that’s left is connecting the power and water supply. This needs to be done carefully, especially the copper line so it doesn’t leak. Align it so it goes in straight at the threaded part of the elbow. Then connect the appliance to electric power. 

Once, you are done connecting turn both power and water on, check for leaks or issues. Make sure the position is good, when satisfies, screw the dishwasher or secure it to the countertop and done! 

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