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How to Fix Three Problems with Your Fridge

The fridge is probably the appliance that you use most in your household. It stores your food 24 hours a day and is only turned off during a power cut.

Your fridge is responsible for keeping your food safe and prevent you from diseases like Salmonella. When something is not working accordingly, you will want to fix it immediately. In this blog post we are explaining three issues and how you can easily fix them yourself.

Problem 1:  Frost Build-up in the fridge

It is not a good sign if you open your fridge and see lots of ice at the back. Anyhow, are two main reasons why there is an ice buildup in your fridge:

  •       Leaving the door of the refrigerator open for too long
  •       The seal doesn’t work properly

So, keeping the fridge open for too long will cause a high level of humidity. The simple way of fixing the issue is to always close the door quickly. If the doors of the fridge do not close automatically, you can adjust the front feet so that gravity closes it for you. To do that, you need the help of someone else who can lean the fridge back, so that you can reach the front feet and screw them out a few turns. This will ensure that the doors close on their own from now on.

If the seal is the problem, try cleaning it with warm water, soap and a washcloth. Dry the seal and the areas around it with a towel and close the fridge.

Problem 2: The Fridge is Leaking Water

It is a common problem to find water underneath the fridge. The problem might be a blocked defrost drain.

The drain might be blocked because of debris or food particles and needs to be cleaned. To do that, you can try to flush it from inside using warm water and a turkey baster or a small funnel. If this doesn’t fix the problem with your drain you should manually remove the debris that is clogging the check valve at the end of the drain hose.

Problem 3: The refrigerator is cycling too often

A fridge that is over-cycling is annoying because of the noise and it also costs a lot of money.

The reason that your appliance may run constantly could be a build-up of debris and dust around the condenser coils. Before cleaning these, you should unplug the refrigerator and find out where the coils are located (usually at the bottom of the refrigerator). You can clean them by using a vacuum cleaner and a brush to remove the remaining debris.

When should I replace my Fridge?

In case your refrigerator keeps on acting unusual, it might be time to replace it.

Here are some examples:

  •     If you see any cracks in the interior of the fridge
  •     Dairy products are going bad all the time, even though you checked the temperature
  •     The fan is running all the time
  •     The fridge is making funny noises or is constantly loud

For other issues with your appliance, we are happy to help you at an affordable price. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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