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Need appliance repairs in Toronto? You’ve found the best! We’re the top experts in the city with technicians scattered throughout the Greater Toronto Area, so we’ll be there on the double! Our vast experience means we get the job done right the first time, every time.


Get Expert Assistance from MayDone’s 25+ Year Experienced Specialists!


Since 2018, MayDone has been providing top-quality service to Toronto homeowners.


Regular Repair is covered under 6 months warranty on labour and replaced parts. Sealed System Repair is covered for 1 year on labour and replaced parts.

Get your appliances repaired quickly and easily with MayDone Appliance Repair Toronto. Our experienced professionals are available 24/7, including weekends and holidays, for hassle-free repairs. And, for even more convenience, we offer same-day repairs to get your appliances back up and running in no time.

$30 off on first time repair with us
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Installation and repair services of various brands:
  • Samsung
  • Mytag
  • Bosch
  • Ariston
  • Tappan
Frequently asked questions
Check Out Our Faqs
How much does a service call cost?
The service call charge applied toward the repair price. If you choose not to, the service call would cost you a minimum of $99, depending on the brand of appliance and area.
What are your days & hours of operation? Do you work on holidays/weekends?
We are open every day of the week for clients’ convenience. Our official days & hours of operations are: Monday – Sunday from 8 am to 10 pm. However, we’re flexible to come for any emergency beyond these hours during weekends and holidays. Feel free to call us or book an appointment at any time.
Wow will I know when you arrive? Can someone else meet you?
We will call you 30 minutes in advance so that you’re not stuck waiting for us. If you can’t meet us, we strongly recommend someone who’s at least 18 years old to be at home to make repair decisions on your behalf.
Do you have original replacement parts? If not, how long does it take to get them?
We have a large variety of original appliance parts to provide for the repair service upon arrival. This is why, before arrival we will ask the brand of your appliance and the issues you have been having with it. However, there might be cases when a part is not common, very niche, or the appliance is old: in this case we can get a new part within 2-4 business days. We’ll do everything possible to ensure faster delivery and repair.
Do you offer warranties?
Yes, by choosing us you will receive up to 1-year warranty for service or replacement parts for refrigerators sealed system repairs and 6 months warranty for all other repairs. If these parts fail to function, we’ll be happy to fix or replace them at no cost.
What kind of payments do you accept?
We accept visa, Mastercard, American express credit and debit cards, as well as, cash and interact.
Wondering if it's worth the time and money to repair your downtown Toronto washing machine?
Put your trust in us! Our experienced appliance technicians serve customers from all over the greater toronto area. Get professional help quickly by giving us a call – we’ll get some more details about your machine and model, then one of our experts can come take a look and provide valuable advice.
Are you in need of washer repair during the weekend in Toronto (GTA)?
Our skilled appliance repair technicians are here for you 7 days a week! If your appliances don’t seem to be functioning as expected, just give us a ring – we’ll send someone over in no time.
What is the average price of appliance repair in Toronto?
Affordable prices with no hidden fees – $30 off on first-time servicing. Let us help you find the best solution fast. We recognize every make and model is unique, so repair costs vary – they can range from $50-$100 for everyday parts to several hundred dollars if it’s a more complex job. Just give our team a call with all the details, and we’ll work hard to get your appliances functioning like new in no time!
Do you offer dryer maintenance service in Toronto (GTA)?
Our mobile appliance repair team can come to you in Toronto and beyond, so don’t hesitate to get in touch today!
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  • This is the second time I’ve used their services, and both time was helped by Alex. He was incredibly thorough, punctual and incredibly diligent. He went above and beyond and even fixed a wobbly door under my sink. It’s always a pleasure to find a reliable and efficient service, and I would absolutely use Alex in the future!
    Briana Di Cecca Berge
  • Working in a veterinary clinic - we understandably go through a lot of laundry. Our washer was out of commission and within a very short period of time, Igor not only diagnosed the problem but had it fixed. He was efficient and easy to work with.
    Heather Anderson
  • When it comes to repairs you want professional, experienced contractors and on top of the problem you have. Maydone has it all. We worked with Alex (we highly recommend you ask for him) who was on time, polite, does the job, very neat and professional.
    Emilia Ianeva
  • Contacted them late in the day and got a response first thing in the morning. Techinicians came the following day, showed up on time and repaired it quickly. Wouldn't hesitate to contact them again in the future.
    Patrick Brown